Antique Japanese swords,Armour,Bronze,Prints,Wood carving,Japanese Matchlock Guns, Vintage Wine,Port,Champagne. Chinese Art and Antiques ,all from a private collection. CollectorsLoot
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The 'JAPANESE' Collection.
                        Genuine Japanese items collected by ME ,100% guaranteed.

Japanese Swords.
Japanese Armour.
Japanese Helmets.
Japanese Masks.
Japanese Pole Arms.
Japanese Guns.
Japanese Lacquer.
Japanese Prints.
Japanese Fittings
Japanese Books.
Japanese Metalwork.
Japanese Tanto
Japanese Antique s

Japanese Wakizashi

Japanese Daisho
Chinese Art
Chinese paintings

Kyu & Kai & Shin Gunto


See the deal on the wine and Champers............
This and a small number of Kodzuka,Kogai,Fuchi/Kashira/Menuki,Ko-Katana blades in Shira saya. Last from my collection,click on the picture to take you there.....
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"Warabite To"

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Click on "OK", it will take you to a page of assorted Japanese and UK military items,included are signed war fans, IJA officers wrist compass etc.
Check out the two Kanfusa swords in shirasay with saya gaki,23 &25 generation.      Click on the pic:.
Quite a rare find now ,personel ww2 Japanese military items.  The first a small signed flag, second is a handkerchef size and photograph of US soldiers holding.   Click pic to take you to the page.
Click on pic to take you to the complete Pipe, ojimi ,case and ornate Tobacco pouch.
Another odd Tobacco container,click pic
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Link to Swords by Sukenaga , Sukekane. koto Tadamitsu & Shinto Masasnori  ..

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Offered is a Nanban tsuba with Juzumimi {Buddhist}.
Old Iron 7.75cm x 7.75cm  app: 4mm at center. Ideal for mounting to Katana.