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The Japaese Stand is available with this gun.

Shu   { Go Shu is Omi}

Hino   {Town}


Nin     {Resident of}

Wadda  {Family Name}

Jidaiyu  {Pre Nom}

Tsukuru {Made}

Kore  {This}

Thanks to John Anderson for his help with this translation.

The Mei reads thus.......
' Jidaiyu Wadda resident of Hino  in the province  of Omi,Made this'   All of the applied embellishments are genuine and not those that are currently available on the web.
Apart from an old repair to the top third of the stock, this splendid example of a Japanese Matchlock is  handsome and desirable piece.
Date would appear to be mid 18th century. 
Offered is a heavy ten mon Teppo(Tanegashima) Signed but untranslated, this is a most unusual Matchlock in so far is that fewer were made and even fewer appear on the market. Apart from wear that you would expect from a gun around three hundred years of age,it is in remarkable condition.   SOLD    

Stand available,£300 plus postage.

Signed but untranslated Teppo.Good o/all condition but wear as you would expect of a weapon of this age.

A good old teppo, theinlay of the Ho bird in flight has as  can be seen lost some  silver and gold along its  several hundred years but is a nice example of the weapon that changed Samurai warfare for ever.
All of my small collection of Japanese Matchlocks are guarenteed to be genuine Antiques. I say this as there are some good looking copies out there as well as  some "Bitsy" or made up pieces.  In the UK these will have to be mailed via UPS or Parcel force, UPS for world wide despatch.  These are all perfectly legal to own as the calibre is obsolete,Antique and require  a lighted taper to ignite.....not you will agree the weapon of choice for the villians in our society. Mail me with any questions,Local inspection is welcome, call me on (UK) 01736 753581 or email, either way I will answere your question and sort your problem.
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