As I have now only one full armour, consisting of a  'Horned Kabuto',Hanbo , sleeves & Brocade covered full Do with thigh guards also the surcoat.
Kabuto....  SOLD
Hambo...   SOLD
Coat... SOLD
The above case is for the Horse hair plume that sits on the rear of the Kabuto.

Iron black lacquered Hambo,this is in remarkable condition and was with the armour.

I have included the Brocade armour  surcoat as well as the stand. The stand is large and will be fairly expensive to post buit the option is yours.

One shoulder guard is missing, these often come up for sale on ebay so it should not be too difficult to replace or buy a pair.

I am aware that purchase of this and other on my site will be (And should be approached with caution due to the amount of fraud that has the web in its grasp.

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