Offered is this splendid early work of the Kaga school of Armourer's.

Decorated with fine engraved lines,the rivets have cherry blossom seppa.

The inner surface id of a deep red/Brown lacquer.

You will see that there are a number of holes running across the cheek, this may have held a later addition to convert to Somen, or possibly a nose.

TheHanbo is Russet Iron, some rust pitting but in remarkable condition considering its age.

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Menpo. Iron,redlacquered,detachable nose with good Bear hair moustache and chin tach,gilt copper teeth. Four lam'e throat guard with blue ito. Two old collector labels one bearing the name " Fernier" the second in Japanese.

Nara style  C18th century.    Remarkable condition.

Hambo. Iron construction with black stippled lacquer. 9note the two Japanese characters inside)   Sharp features and well made with a three stage Yodarekake,two in black the final in red lavquer.

18/19th century.

Hambo.  Iron construction with black lacquer exterior and red Lacquer interior.  Some minor chips as you would expect with this age.
Three stage yodare kake laced in faded blue.

Ancient Hambo.     Iron construction with black lacquer exterior and Gold lacquer interior.   Sharp Miochin style facial features, note the  cheeks have  two long standing iron guards, I believe that this was a form designed to deflect arrows.
In remarkable condition as I was informed many years ago by a well known armour collection the the face dated from the 15th century while the yodare kake is later.

The throat guard is the saw tooth style and although shows some wear is in fine condition.  SOLD