Daisho,Kanefusa,23rd generation,25 generation. Japanese Daisho, Mumei Daito, Signed Shoto,
DAISHO......The Classic Samurai sword combination.  {And the last two in my collection.  second at the foot of the page}
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   23rd  & 25th generations
The katana is by the 23rd generation KaneFusa and from the Showa period.   Signed......." Noshu
Seki ju ni san dai Kanefusa Saku "   Dated 1941.
Rare to find  a long signed and dated Kanefusa like this special order blade.
Blade length 27-1/8th"
Ubu Nakago 9/16"
Length o/all  36-3/16"
Width at the Machi 1-5/16"
Thickness at the Machi  7mm
Kissaki 1-1/2"
Sori 9/16"
Hamon is a mix of choji/gunome and in some place's could be considered san bon sugi.
Blade condition is good, no Ha giri,bends or grain opening.  Although in good wartime polish it will benefit from just a finish polish to bring out the fine details.  The stamp is not an arsenal mark but a period stamp.'Showa'.

The sword is mounted in a period shira saya with full saya gaki, the saya is in very good condition with just the wear and darkening you would expact.

                                         25th generation blade.

Signed  "KaneFusa"  This blade is in mint polish.

Blade length 30.3cm
Width at the machi 3cm
Thickness  at Machi  7mm
Sori 2mm
Ubu nakago 14cm
Hira zukuri
Blade condition is near perfect, several very tiny spots and one small blemish on the Mune. No Ha Giri,Bends or opening of the Hada.

Mounted in Japanese shira saya with full saya gaki, please note that the saya has come apart, this is not uncommon with those made in japan.

      Katana Mei................................................................................Tanto Mei

                        23rd generation blade

Both large kanji say:
Mino Seki ju Nin Niju San Dai Fujiwara Kanefusa Saku

Made by the 23rd generation Fujiwara Kanefusa of Seki in Mino

small kanji give the length..

The length description in the 2nd sayagaki may be
長サ弐尺弐寸五分有之 – Length; 2-shaku 2-sun 5-bu.

So it seems that both may well be by the 23rd generation and not 23/25th.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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