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Kyu.....Kai.....&...Shin  Gunto Mounted swords
These are the last of my Gunto collection.  I have kept the most interesting and I think the best of those acquired untill last.         All were purchased privatly, all from the west country and from those that brought them back after WW2.     The condition is good to near perfect,some have recent history, sadly when I bought them I had like most collectors except my old friends Ron Gregory & Richard Fuller, little interest in the surrenders or those who took them on the field of battle.

The note's I made at the time will be listed when I offer these for sale, one or two have pictures or Badges from the Japanese officer, one I think has a diary.   Just one has both the officers sword  c1514 {Sukesada} and his parade sabre {Both have the same Mon}.  
(These will be linked to seperate pages & accessed by clicking on the picture)   

There are also a number of  Civil mounted swords that originally had shin gunto combat covers on, these will be placed on the "Japanese Swords" section as I  removed the covers and sold them on to a collector in Kent some years ago.
Echigo no Kuni Sada Roku SH 102
Mumei  SH 103
Mori Shige  SH 104 
Minamoto Ama Hide ojite Suzuki Shouan shimoto kitau kore wo SH 105
Unsigned with Stamp SH 107
O'Suriage Koto
Bishu Osafune Suke Sada SH108
Awataguchi Ikkanshi  Tada Tsuna cho do saku SH109       SOLD
O'Suriage Koto Katana SH110
Sada Tsugu  SH111
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Hibano Kin Mich    SH101
YasuTsugu  SH112
Kane Yoshi SH106  SOLD
As you can see from the pictures above, the blade is in near mint polish showing the Hamon & Hada  very well.    No Ha Giri, bends,kinks or damage except for around one mm from the kissaki,hardly noticeable.
The Heavy copper / Shakudo Habaki has some light wear.
Two gilt seppa {It has never had more than these two}
Blade length is 71.2 cm (28") from  kissaki to mune machi.
width at the machi 3cm
Width at the Yakote 2cm
Kissaki to Yakote  4.5cm
Mekugi is of black polished horn
Sam'e is fine old quality
Original Navy rank tassel  also in good condition.
Over all length mounted 107cm

To find a huge finely mounted Kyu Gunto in such condition and signed by a good smith is rare.                  SH100  SOLD
Hawk feather family crest {Mon} either the Kikuchi,Miyake or Nakata. In Silver
SukeSada {Tachi Mei}  SH113    SOLD
Signed HiroMitsu  SH114 SOLD
Signed " No Shu Hori Toshi Hide"  SH115   SOLD
Mumei Japanese Naval Kai Gunto SH116    HOLD
Signed. "Yoshi Hide { Fusa ?}  SH117    SOLD
With military history,photograps etc...
With military history,medals,photographs etc.
With military history history,photographs,medals etc
Military history,medals,photographs etc

With military history,medals etc
With military history,photographs and medals.
Lots of added etra in the form of research ,photographs etc
Research and lots of information
Military history research and Photographs
Researched,history,pictures etc
German/Japanese research,letters,photographs etc
Parade Sabre is now for sale.....SOLD
Think of the current individual item value of Gunto parts for sale on the web,eg, Good gunto Tsuba= £100, Seppa per set =$65, Tsuka with no Mon = !35 with mon £195, Habaki= £40/60, Wood saya in combat cover= £140,Metal with all fittings=£180/200 , Tassel=£85/230 

So approx: the  value if sold off is in the region of £400/600 !!! surprised? I was, these prices came from both ebay & a Japanese auction site......