Chinese Art,Ivory,Wood,Cabinets,metal ware Oshigata. consigned
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Pair of Japanese bronze vase's,Meiji     £800                                                                        Japanese/Chinese Bronze Dragon,SOLD
Japanese male  seated  on a Shi Shi C1900    £300                                                          Japanese /Chinese Dragon,Bronze,C1 SOLD
Japanese root carved tobacco inro & Netsuke. £400
From Japan,Bronze, 19th century.   £275
Dragon,from Japan, Bronze,Age Unknown  SOLD
Japanese ceramic monkey,"sad",c1920..£200
Edo period sukashi tsuba

Fine Japanese Cloisonne Vase,Meiji period, base signed.   £750
Good  large I ron Tsuba with copper inlay,Edo period.   £800                                                      Good Copper tsuba signed "Yasuchika"  £700
Japanese Satsuma figure of a female courtesan,Meiji. £ 400                                                       £400               Japanese Okimono,Ivory,street vendor,Meiji.
Ivory Netsuke,Samurai & a basket of children??signed, Edo period
Japanese Ivory,mysterious?, Signed.  £750
Japanese / Chinese Bronze Rat,age unknown.  £100
Japanese/Chinese soapstone,fine, signed,carved wood stand. £450
Two Marine I vory , street vendors,Japan,C1900     £450                                                     Japanese female figure,willow wood,Kyoto c1900.  £1300       
Fine Chinese Ivory,C1900  £950
Japanes Ivory of a blind priest and Choldren,C1890  £800
  Fine Japanese five stage Inro,ojime but no Netsuke,gold lacquer but note that the makers seal is missing,Meiji.  £1000
Ancient Japanese Buddha, from the mandella of a Kyoto Buddha,age unknown.   £850
Two large Japanese I vory applica floral designs, fine work with  two differnet seal ,black lacquer ground,Meiji. £1200
Good Lacquer Japanese  four fold screen,Ivory inlay and  Tokugawa  &  Matsudaira Mon,Meiji. £450
Chinese Cabinet Padlock,Brass,C1800     £80                                              Two  fine carved  stone rings,origin unknown,age unknown. £150
Two Ancient Buddhist images, age and origin unknown    £100                                              Two  Japanese ten Mon coins. £80
Satsuma figure ,Meiji period   £1350
"0th century Japanese signed Lacquer box  £275
Japanese  Satsuma figure of Buddha,Meiji period.  £2500
Japanese  gold flecked brown lacquer arm rest,c age unknown £150
Japanese Bronze,court dress, age unknown, £400
Large Japanese bronze vase, meiji. has one small dent.  £1000
Early 20th century Japanese doll.  £100
Fine Japanese bronze vase,age unknown,£600
Large Japanese /Chinese Shi Shi, possibly 17th century. £1850
Japanese Toran.Showa.Taisho   £140
Large Japanese Bronze Tiger. £900