This is an interesting and intricate bronze piece. The patination is almost Shakudo in colour. Probably  late 19th early 20th century the Koro could be either  Japanese or Chinese,either way it would enhance any collection

From the Armour I would think that this is Chinese but opinions differ and Japanese/Korean have been mentioned.her a splendid small Bronze
A lovely late Chinese item with fine detail £100
Two Japanese Komei  card holders,very fine work as you can see.  Sold as a pair......£180

A superb large Meiji period Japanese bronze vase,signed and with inlaid design of a Kabuto in Gold ,Shakudo and Silver.. Beutifull chocolate brown Patination, no damage.  33cm x23cm come's with original lacquered wood base stand. Mei Translates as art name "Gyokuho" (1908-64) Actyual name "Torita Seiji" craftsman of the Takaoka-Doki.
Fine Meiji period japanese tazza. 48cm high This bonze is superb with  a spectacular applied geometric and floral design inlaid in silver.
The Dragons are particularly good quality, a massive , Interesting and fine example of Japanese craft.

Superb bronze  Koro,Seal(Impossible to photograph) " of " Yamamoto Naojiro" of " Takatsuji Yamajina ban ha,Kyoto" 1890-1900.
33cm plus original wood stand. Very fine condition  and superb example of Japanese Meiji metal work. {Translation & attribution by Dr.FATurk}