Koto Naginata  signed "kaneTsuji" c1500,in full Japanese polish and Shira Saya , is not the lightweight pieces we see but a good heavy Koto period pole arm.
The polish is Hadori {Not my favorite} but right for shinsa and papers.

Well aware that finance is often a problem, as a fellow collector I am happy to take stage payments. Call me on (UK) 01736 753 581 or  email...........

SOLD....FP 21.01.17..£100TC..RB
                  03.03.17..£ 300.TC.

A very handsome Shinto period Naginata.  49cm blade, 74cm o/a includes the suriage nakago. 208cm when mounted with both pole and saya.  Some very minor rust spots & chips to the Ha, nothing that will not polish out. Having said that it is around 80% polish so all of the Hamon & Hada can be seen.
Signed "Kuni Suke" There are several all working in the late1600's. Of these there are some quite famous smiths, this has never gone for shinsa .......if you are prepared to pay the shinsa fee it may well be rather a good buy.
Plain copper Habaki, Round copper/Shakudo (?) Tsuba. The Tsuba has a faint large character on both side, it seem to be 'Naga' but the meaning is unknown..
The Pole isoriginal but I had the saya custom made some years ago


Socket Yari are usually from the earlier part of the Koto period but were made  in later years to a far lesser degree.  This I am convinced is Koto (pre 1596). The Hada and hamon are spectacular although my photography does not show this well..........
Blade length is 9cm, no flaws or cracks and will require just a final stage polish to completely restore {95% in polish now}

Total mounted length is 130cm and the pole has been cut off to that length.

Offered is this massive Yari. It has been with me since a chance meeting with Mr D.Thompson of St Blazey Gate,Cornwall in the early 80's. His father had been with Mountbatten untill the end of the war, when leaving to return home he had been given a surrender sword and a walkingstick, surrendered in Singapore to an officer of eq: rank,Lt.Col. 
The man wanted an old shotgun of the percussion  hammer type to hang above his fireplace, I had one and we traded  for the trophies.

Many years later when Kenji Mishina was living and working in the UK I took this along with twenty or so other swords  for an opinion.  The mei was a prolem for me as it is partly rusted and in those days I am afraid my translation skills were very poor.
The translation of the mei seemed not to be a problem and from my notes it is......
"SukeHiro, Shimada school,1531"
Original mounts of a  large waling stick with replicated wood bark can be seen in the top three pictures. Mounted in shira saya.

Blade length is 61cm. 
Around 80% polish with some small pitting,in the pictures you will see white spotting, this is where Uchiko has been left in the tiny pits when I cleaned for the photographs, these can hardly be seen by naked eye.

There are no papers and the polish is war period, the light rust was cleaned off by myself using a fiber glass pen, I found this a good way as it does not polish the blade or remove patina from Nakago.

This is a rare Yari and would well repay a full polish and shinsa.

Fully mounted signed Koto period Yari. Excellent condition overall.

Tiny {mm} grain opening, had never noticed this befor today but suppose that after five hundred years ......
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