Offered is this fine Kai Gunto/Civil mounted showa Gendaito, part of my collection for a number of years. Blade length 65cm,UBU.
The Horimono of a dragon  &  Bonji are of the highest quality, while the Civil style mounts are from the Showa period they to are far better than usually seen.
The Menuki are of Matsudaira family crest and in copper,not the usual  Gunto cherry blosoms.
Shakudo Single Habaki.
The tsuba is large and of gilded copper or Brass, it has the same Dragon theme as the Horimono.
The Bonji as far as I can see translate roughly as " Slaughter the enemy"
No flaws or Kizu,  ONE Tiny chip that would easily polish out,personally I would leave as is. very sharp & In around 90% polish.  signed "SadaTsugu"

War period polish
Below the sword photographs you will see part of a research file that I am putting together.
The sword and some of the above details came from a retired RN officer, from the scrap of note that I found I realised that I had the sword in the wrong saya,now corrected.   
Lt J. Gedye served on HMS Truculent {Submarine} & Later on HMS London & finally on HMS Flint castle I have as far as possible also done some research on all three vessels.. The Rank was from the early period so when on London??.    The rather dodgy poem was written by  a sailor on the London I have included his cap tally.

The Japanese Naval officer, was locate
d through Mr Teruaki Kwano in 1994.  The surrender officer seems to have been  Shizuo Okuyama, shown  the photocopy in his uniform of Commander.
The other picture would be his family prior to WW2.