Goto,Goto Mitsunaga,Hira Zukuri,Aikuchi,Yori Doshi.Shin Shinto,Koto,Shinto,Nihonto. Goto Mitsu Naga.  11th goto master.
Aikuchi mounted  mumei Hira Zukuri Shin Shinto Yori Doshi.   Gunome hamon,Ichimai boshi, mu sori, tremendious amount of activity and in around 90% original polish.
Saya is  of wood with a black brocade wrap, horn kurikata, Kojiri of shibuichi with fine nanako and inlaid gold band, heavy red copper and gilded Habaki, Gilt copper Seppa, Fuchi of shibuichi with very fine nanako & inlaid with Sansho ( Pepper seeds) .
{See page 227 of the 100 master pieces of the Compton collection} Signed " GOTO MITSUNAGA"    Probably the work of the 11th Goto master.
The Menuki of rats and rice bags are equally fine quality, these are mounted on good black lacquered Sam'e.
The Tsuba is plain copper and rare seen the Tsuba is lacquered black. { TNT7}

Sagami Hiromitsu Wakizashi... with F&K by Toshiharu......also on same page a fine Wakizashi by the first generation Echizen the star......
Offered is a well mounted meiji period blade ,The Bone mounts are splendid and although not of the quality seen I the best Ivory, are as good as you will find.

The blade is unsigned and is tempered, the style of blade is quite common.

Mounts length over all is 30cm.
Blade length is  13.5cm

silvered copper Habaki{some wear}

Mounted in Shira saya. {Metal sunagi}

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