Militaria,WW2,Japanese,Japan,Burma campaign wanted
I have tried to supply a little research on all of these and be as accurate as possible. For example  HMS Campania has the full ship history and that of the two U Boats that her aircraft  destroyed.
£4   SOLD                                            SOLD                                                        £4
£5    SOLD                                                                                     SOLD          £5
Quite a rare item, a genuine silk escape map issued by South east asia command {SEAC} mainly to air crew of both the RAF and other allied service men.
As most of these maps did not survive the war and post war period they are pretty rare and collectable.    £100
This was a garment worn by a senior Japanese officer . It has the  Family crest  {Mon} of the Matsudaira clan, one of the most powerfull through out the history of Japan.

Inslightly faded condition as one would expect but has no real damage .

Imperial Japanese Army Officers wrist compass, in generally good condition considering its age and history.  Taken from a dead IJA Lt after a battle at "OkeyDokey" pass by  Sgt Thompson of the RAMC.

Offered below is a n IJA personel carry all, I would think that its purpose was for toiletry but who knows.  Again a fairly rare item for obvious reasons. It has script on both sides and is in good condition.

This Japanese military award.........Showa Tairei Medal sometimes called the "Hirohito Banzai"    In very good condition but minus box.
A most rare and wonderfull item...this small book, signed by the officer, is a full guide to keep your men fit,teach life saving and first aid. Thousands of  detailed sketchs and a mass of Information for those who read Japanese.   Sgt Thompson who brought the compass back took this at the same time.        Should be worth a small fortune but....

These personel items were brought back by Sgt. Thompson , RAMC  while serving with SEAC. I have no idea who  the people are but would guess at the dead officers parents, the bridge  if I remember correctly crosses the moat into the imperial palace  in Tokyo.
On the left is a pack of post cards,sad little package .


This page contains  a bundle of military items. Below the Naval cap tallies are  a number of WW2 south east asia items, plough your way through.
Link to sword
£30 Unused IJN Cap badge.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  £30  IJN Naval shoulder board
Military Bugle SOLD
Ornate Arrow head...SOLD
WW2 IJA 0fficers Saki Tray    £60                                          MK1 WW1 SOLD
Copy surrender documents and photographs,c1947     £35
IJA issue soldiers gloves,   £20
Two original Japanese military   {IJA}  fans. Both came with swords now long gone. These were translated by Sasaki Shimizu who was a Col: in the IJA, Siam.    

Signed by Hideaki Tojo for a Capt: Tomio  £300                                                 Signed by General Kawamura £250

I have no reason to believe other than these are original and were given as presents, full history is written on the frame back
Offered here are three items taken by US service men on the Thailand.

The first is a small personel IJP flag signed by friends and family,second  a hankercef size cotton square again signed by those left behind in Japan & one photograph of thoses yanks.    These are far more rare than the usual flags, the price reflects this.

Imperial Japanese Navy officers cap badge,original and old. £60
Two Japanese ten mon coins.  £35
Two old Buddhist stone  items,how to describe I am afraid I do not know...£75
Chinese medal ,anti USA comemoration of the Korean war  Enamelled Bronze,rare item, came with a sword  taken in Japan,no history.  £50